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Friday, November 16, 2012

Feelings from heart...........


Without going through the newspapers
women have wonderful knowledge
of almost every thing
on the domestic front.
They are the queens of their homes, after all.

Women are amazingly acquainted with
each and every contour of
their Hubby's pocket
whether it is empty or full.

By their very nature,
women know the secret,
how a volume of words
their silence can speak.

Women are indeed
an unending search
for men
even today.


The other day
I pledged
not to speak lie

I could not utter
a single word
for the whole day.


We are fortunate
that only the smoke has touched our homes,
not the fire.

We are fortunate
that only the bad news are making us scared
not the aggressions.

We are fortunate
that the springs of compassion have not yet fully dried
out of our broken hearts.

We are fortunate
that we have still enough time to think and talk about
our unending sorrows.

We are fortunate
that we do not know anything, Oh, God!
anything about our destiny.


Dump that History
into the dust
which is compulsively written
with an agenda,
by the courtiers
serving the Monarch.

let the Truth be revealed 
by them
who sing the songs of the people
all the time
in their own dialect
with an open heart.

What they believe is  that,
Literature is more reliable
than  History.


If Hope is alive,
there is nothing to worry
in our life.

Horrible are those moments
when we are badly surrounded by
the deep darkness of distress.

Our mind makes attempt after attempt
to come out of the agony,
but there seems to be no end of the tunnel,
we are in.

We lose our heart
and begin to cry
like a hapless child.

Yes, miraculously,
right at that torturous moment
one invisible hand appears in a blank
and blissfully touching our head
revives the belief -

That even after when
all seems to have been lost
one thing always lasts'.
and that is
what we call "Hope".


This condolence message
has been written in deep agony
sitting close to the bodies of the
murdered human sentiments.

May it not be read by those
who, after announcing a nominal compensation
for each death
forget all about the killings.

May it also not be read by those
who, by shedding a few crocodile tears,
manage to attract a big applause from their hired goons.

May it definitely not be read by those
whose sharp nail-signs on the bloodstained bodies
are still telling harrowing stories of individual brutality.

Yes, it may be read only by those
who are learning to make a dare attempt
to hold the knife by its point
rather than by its handle.

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